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Even if many similar designs exist, Smart & Green’s LED lighting incorporates unique, high quality technology, making our products remarkably different:


Lampe à LED modulable

The basic concept of Smart & Green is the standardization of LED light bulbs: whether stand-alone or with a diffuser you’ll have no trouble finding a place for them in your surroundings.

Unlimited colors

Lampe à LED multicolor

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating an ambience thanks to the easy availability of all the colors of the rainbow or just white.


Lampe à LED étanche

Simplify the lighting around you by using Smart & Green’s LED lamps safely anywhere, anyhow.


Lampe à LED incassable

If you’re playing in the pool, take it with you … but what if it falls? Don’t worry, it comes out tops in the most stringent tests!


Lampe à LED rechargeable

Your cordless lamp can go with you everywhere and will last a long time. Lithium-polymer technology means the battery has a long life, and allows you to recharge your lamp whenever you want.

Remote controlled

Lampe à LED telecommandée

But the real luxury is not just that there’s no power cord – you can also control all your lamps at a distance with one touch of a button.