Simplify how you manage light in different rooms by setting up groups. Use this function to easily change the ambiance you prefer with your phone.


When you leave home, you can use the “Event” function to turn lights on once or several times to make it look like you are present. It’s a simple way to dissuade a potential burglar from entering your home.

the ambiances

Accentuate different ambiances by changing the color and brightness of your lights with a smartphone or tablet. Lacking inspiration? The preset ambiances will adapt to different situations.

Schedule lighting on/off scenarios

Set lights to turn on when you wake up or arrive by using the “Event” function. You can set the time they are on, the color, brightness…choose how you use your lights to personalize the ambiance of your home.


Our cordless

Check out our nomad wireless lighting products by downloading our catalogue and user guide.

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