SMART AND GREEN offers stylish, original lamps suitable for all types of environments. Whether in your kitchen, your living room, your bedroom or outdoors, these wireless lamps perfectly adapt to your sensibilities and offer a unique ambiance. With their simple, modern design, they are truly cutting-edge decorative objects.

To meet your needs and make your lamps unique, several of our products are available in a variety of sizes. Some of our lamps can be suspended, creating a warm, festive atmosphere in your outdoor areas. Others have been designed so that you can carry them around, thanks to their integrated handles: our Nomad Lighting concept. From small to large sizes, and from traditional light fixtures to more original models, let yourself be drawn in by the infinite possibilities offered by our products...

Surprise your guests by controlling all of your lamps at once, throughout the duration of your event, thanks to the long battery life of our wireless lamps. Enjoy the SMART AND GREEN effect for six to eight hours. It’s guaranteed to impress! Illuminating and managing your indoor and outdoor spaces is now easier than ever. Each of our lamps is equipped with our high-efficiency wireless technology, which makes it possible to control their colors and brightness from your smartphone or tablet via the Smart and Green app, available on IOS and Android. Need help connecting your lamp? Read the user guide that’s been provided for this purpose.

To complete your lighting collection, explore our range of ball and cube lamps.
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