Ball lamps are some of SMART AND GREEN’s iconic products. With their simple, yet elegant design, these lamps are loved by all! Whether you prefer a chic or cozy atmosphere, shake it up with our GLOBE, BUBBLE and FLATBALLs. In addition to their modern appearance, these LED ball lamps are true connected objects, with cutting-edge technology. Thanks to Bluetooth MESH, controlling your lamps is easier than ever!

Our LED light balls adapt to any exterior, whether your garden, your patio or your pool. Since they come in different sizes, these connected lamps can meet all of your needs and desires. The smallest size can easily blend into your decor, while the largest one can serve as the centerpiece of your home.

Decorate your environment and give it the style of your dreams thanks to our integrated Bluetooth MESH technology, which enables you to select the colors of your choice. Controllable by smartphone via our SmartMesh application, you can also manage the brightness and create groups and ambiances. Our application is available for Android and IOS.

An online user guide is available to help you connect and configure your ball lamps. Don’t hesitate to check it out!

And to complete your collection of SMART AND GREEN products, discover our cube lamps, another of the brand’s classic products.