Among its other products, SMART AND GREEN offers a range of pot lamps. Available in multiple sizes, these decorative objects are perfect for a variety of environments. Whether indoors in your living room, or outdoors at your poolside, these LED pot lamps make it possible to change the ambiance and colors to suit your mood. They provide a touch of radiance to your environment and perfectly match your decor.

Their modern design and cavity make these pot lamps perfect for showcasing your plants. Have fun exploring the infinite possibilities they offer! Surprise your guests by brightening your summer evenings with these unique, stylish products that you can control directly from your smartphone. They’re sure to impress, and last six to eight hours!

Our pot lamps are designed to be impact-, drop- and weather-resistant and are waterproof.

All of our products are equipped with our Bluetooth MESH technology, which enables you to adjust and control the color and brightness of your LED pot lamp from your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated app for IOS and Android. Don’t hesitate to consult our user guide for step by step instructions on connecting and configuring your device.

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Potting lamps