SMART AND GREEN offers a line of illuminated furniture. Whether a pouf, a bar table or a coffee table, you’re sure to find the piece for you among our products. With their simple, elegant design, they serve as full-fledged decorative objects. Brighten up your summer evenings and illuminate your events: surprise your guests with this illuminated LED furniture.

Some pieces are available in multiple sizes to better suit your needs and environment. Others can be turned around to change up the style. There’s something for everyone! Let yourself be charmed by this illuminated furniture, suitable for many different uses!

What makes our products unique is the built-in Bluetooth MESH technology. And our illuminated LED furniture is no exception! Thanks to our SmartMesh application, available on IOS and Android, you can completely control your connected lamps. Adjust the brightness, select the colors you prefer, create groups or ambiances: the possibilities are infinite!

To help you configure your devices, SMART AND GREEN recommends that you consult our online user guide. Learn how to connect your lamps and use all of the features offered by our application so you can better enjoy your illuminated furniture.

Do you want to add to your collection? Discover our selection of connected pots, which are perfect for your patio or garden.
Illuminated furniture