LED bulbs and other lamp accessories are part of SMART AND GREEN’s base products. Our connected lamps are all equipped with an LED lighting system. For small sizes, a BULBLITE will be provided, while for larger models, you will need a BULB. Other lighting systems may also meet your needs, such as the STRIPLED, an adhesive light strip, or the BULB E27, which can be used with any lamp. SMART AND GREEN offers infinite options for your lighting needs.

All of our bulbs and lighting accessories are equipped with our Bluetooth MESH technology, which allows you to control your lighting systems via our SmartMesh application. It is available for IOS and Android and makes it possible to manage a large number of lamps at once. Increase or decrease their brightness, choose the colors you prefer, create ambiances... you are the master of your LED bulbs!

To help you configure your lighting accessories, an online user guide has been developed. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with it, because it contains essential information on the connecting of your lamps and all of their features.

Thanks to the user guide, your LED bulbs will hold no secrets from you! To get started with the Smart and Green universe and familiarize yourself with Bluetooth MESH, let yourself be tempted by one of our table lamps. They will perfectly blend into your interior decor.