Discover how easy it is to control your SMART AND GREEN lamps using our accessories. For your convenience, we offer remote controls and sensors that make it easier to control all of your products. One of these is the KEY MESH, a Bluetooth remote control that enables you to control your connected lamp without even needing to pick up your smartphone. For a completely hands-off approach, our movement detector will automatically turn on your lamps when you pass by it.

These remote controls and sensors are also equipped with Bluetooth MESH technology. This enables you to connect them and connect them to your lamps. Once all of your products are connected to our SmartMesh application, you can select their colors, adjust their brightness, create ambiances, and much more! Controlling your lighting has never been so easy!

If you encounter any difficulties in connecting your remote controls and sensors, we recommend that you attentively read our online user guide. Inside, you will find valuable information on the features they present.

To use your remote controls and sensors, you must possess a SMART AND GREEN lamp. Not sure which one to choose? Visit the ball lamps page to discover the brand’s most popular products!

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