A range of LED lighting for professionals

Smart and Green invites you to discover a range exclusively for professionals. These lighting systems are perfect for any type of event. Discover our illuminated furniture, table lamps and even ice buckets and you can rest assured your reception will enchant all your guests who’ll remember this evening forever.

Each lamp has its own unique design: sleek and streamlined, curvy, one-of-a-kind, you’ll be spoilt for choice! These professional lighting systems are also designed to diffuse light for 6 to 8 hours. What better way than this for creating a welcoming atmosphere throughout your event.

Bluetooth MESH technology

All Smart and Green products are equipped with Bluetooth MESH technology. With it, you can take control of all your products and customize them at wish. Start off by changing colors, then manage light intensity or go for the candle-effect feature for a cozy-cocooning style atmosphere. And, if you have quite a few products, the light group mode will be really useful to you as it lets you control several lighting systems at the same time. Ever-so quick, ever-so easy!

To start using your professional lamps, download and install our SmartMesh app on your smartphone or tablet. Then, turn on your Bluetooth and pair your lamps one by one. Now, just take control and have fun with the neverending options the app invites you to explore.

Why not go even further with your bespoke style

If ever you have a special request or wish to go further with your bespoke style on our products, then head over to our customization and tailor-design page. We’ll be more than delighted to help you imagine the professional lighting system which meets all your needs.