Smart and Green invites you to discover a range of LED lamps for professionals. Used as table lamps, these unique design lamps are real decorative objects which will add a touch of charm to your spaces. Whether you use them during events, receptions or even in your work areas, these professional LED lamps will create the atmosphere you wish and will blend in perfectly with your environment decor.

Unique design lamps, there’s something for everyone!

Discover our range of products which are sure to appeal to everyone in the professional world. There’s something for everyone among our sleek, geometrical-style lamps, lights with perfectly-rounded curves and lamps boasting one-of-a-kind design! Go for lamps that match your brand image, customize at wish for that extra little something, and no doubt about it, you’ll definitely create that wow effect!

Control and customize your professional LED lamps

All our professional LED lamps are equipped with our Bluetooth MESH technology. With it, you can control your wireless lamps throughout your event or reception and delight in the Smart and Green effect for six to eight hours. Thanks to this technology and our SmartMesh app, you can fully customize our products by changing colors, adjusting light intensity and even playing with preset atmospheres. You can also create light groups, which means you can control several lamps at the same time and in the same way. Like this, you’ll save time when you fancy making a change to your lights but, most importantly, you’ll definitely dazzle your customers and/or your guests.

If you wish to find out more about MESH technology, we advise you to check out our online user guide. It will answer all your questions. Why not add even more design by discovering another range of professional LED products: illuminated furniture.