Smart and Green invites you to discover products exclusively for professionals. Check out our professional ice buckets which will light up your event tables in the most dazzling way. These colorful, bright, stylish products will definitely stand out and will become can’t-do-without centerpieces for your evening celebrations. These premium-quality lights will brighten up your indoor and outdoor spaces for 6 to 8 hours. Effect guaranteed throughout your event!

Smart and Green products are equipped with Bluetooth MESH technology which means you can customize them. One-of-a-kind technology invites you to control your ice bucket as and when you wish. Change colors, adjust light intensity, go for the candle-effect feature and even control all your ice buckets using the “group” option. Countless options are available and it’s ever-so fast to learn to use.

If you wish to find out more about pairing, we advise you to check out our online user guide. It will answer all your questions. Now, why not discover our table lamps and illuminated furniture for professionals to brighten up your events and make them unforgettable.