The latest Smart and Green feature: Spotify playlists to accompany your lighting moods!

Date de publication nov. 24, 2021

Smart and Green light fixtures are available in six pre-configured lighting moods. From the application, you can change their color shades, and even the lighting rhythm of certain atmospheres. You will be able to put them in action whenever you want, ideally for your summer theme parties...  

What is new? Spotify playlists were created to accompany each of these moods musically. Choose the one you want and enjoy the moment!

The "Autumn" ambiance

This mood illuminates your table lamp in orange hues. From burgundy to red to light orange, let yourself be transported into an atmosphere of rejuvenating colors. To match this mood, fire up the "Autumn" playlist on Spotify. More than 22 tracks are available to make the most of the Smart and Green experience. For fans of new music, know that the playlists are updated every month!

The "Winter" ambiance

Winter is a soothing season. Illuminate your fixture in this mood and discover soft, bluish hues that will be ideal for creative minds. The "Winter" playlist must therefore follow this guiding theme. On the menu, calm and melancholic songs to put you on a little cloud.

The "Zen" ambiance

This mood is perfect for those who want to enjoy a quiet moment after a long day at work. Sit comfortably on your sofa, turn on your table lamp from the application, and illuminate according to the "Zen" ambiance. The lighting will transport you into an exotic environment, filled with greenery. Enjoy this journey by listening to soothing, acoustic music from Smart and Green's "Zen" Spotify playlist.

The "Romantic" ambiance

If you are planning a romantic dinner, this is the perfect atmosphere. No need to impose any additional stress on yourself. Activate the "Romantic" mood to light your wireless table lamp in red or pink colors. At the same time, start the playlist that will musically accompany your dinner with love songs. All that is left to do is relax and enjoy the moment.

The "Rainbow" ambiance

With the arrival of summer, this atmosphere is trendy! Indeed, by activating it, you will discover a lighting atmosphere of varied yet rhythmic colors. Choose your favorite rainbow colors and set the duration of their transition. If you are organizing a pool party, this is the atmosphere you need! Together with the playlist of rhythmic and popular sounds, your lights will impress your guests. The same is true for your summer evenings. For an even more striking effect, place your lights in your pool and enjoy a nighttime swim punctuated by colorful lighting and lively music.


The "Flashing" ambiance

This last ambiance will be perfect for your Christmas and New Year's celebrations. Our advice is to place several lamps on your table runner and light them according to the "Flashing" ambiance. Group your lights from within the app to flash red and green simultaneously. Launch the playlist related to this atmosphere and enjoy a family meal under the colors and music of Christmas.