What color lighting for a particular event?

Date de publication nov. 24, 2021

If you are organizing an event in the coming months, you should be well aware that the decoration is a major aspect for the success of your event. When it comes to decorating for an event, lighting is a key consideration. With the advent of LED lighting, the question of the ideal lighting color for an event has become a reality. There is indeed a color code to ensure creating a perfect harmony between your event, its theme, and the feeling of the guests.


Which lighting to choose?

The choice of lighting during an event is not always an easy task. Smart and Green light fixtures are varied in both their design and size to best meet any request. As a first step, it is important to take into account the size of the event. The larger it is, the more it will be possible to arrange it with imposing lights and vice versa.


Wireless table lamps are ideal for creating original design table runners while providing a light source that will enhance a meal. The advantage of some is their handle. This enables them to be easily transported or even hung over tables.


As a general rule, table lamps are relatively light, enabling them to be easily transported. Find our decorating ideas with this type of lamp in the article: "Enhance your tables with LED table lamps!"


If you are planning a pool party, lighted balls are a "must have" to leave a lasting impression. Their water resistance enables them to be watertight decorative elements. Arrange them in the pool and surprise your guests who can play with them as balls as well.


Luminous balls for your pool party


It is worth mentioning that the Bluetooth Smartmesh technology enables innovative control of lighting fixtures. With this system, controlling more than 100 light sources via a single device, such as a smartphone, is a breeze. Determine the lighting moods of your fixtures over a distance of approximately 1 km and enjoy an event where innovation and design prevail.


Luminous furniture: practical and remarkable

Luminous furniture is a two-in-one solution that facilitates the task. Imagine lighted tables scattered all around with your guests enjoying an aperitif on them. Create an event from the application to schedule a "flashing" lighting ambiance to announce the opening of the ball. Rather original, isn't it?

Decorating ideas with lighted furniture are manifold. It all depends on your desires. However, having a table, chairs, or a bar that have as a second function the benefit of lighting is a real asset that will not go unnoticed.


Illuminated high tables: UP


Lighting color code 

Each event has its own theme. The decoration will reflect this theme, whether it is the choice of flowers placed on the table, or the tablecloths that cover the tables, etc.

The lighting color is a detail that adds the finishing touch. Please take this into account:

  • White lighting conveys a refined and elegant image. It is the all-purpose color.

  • Purple lighting symbolizes magic. This color awakens our spiritual senses with a seductive quality, ideal for an event with a dreamlike, unreal theme.

  • Blue lighting is often used for launch events. As a symbol of trust, it is the ideal color to build customer loyalty, for example, if we are talking about a corporate event.

  • Red lighting will create a sense of desire. This is the perfect lighting color for a masked party.

  • Green lighting will bring softness while recalling nature and optimism. This color is best for an event focusing on health, beauty, and the environment.

  • Yellow lighting, like white, is rather all-purpose. This color will contribute to the warmth and friendliness of your event.

  • Orange lighting will be perfect to provide some vibrancy to your reception. Orange brings energy. We recommend this type of lighting if you are planning an event with a powerful atmosphere.

  • Pink lighting is unsurprisingly the ideal color for any bachelorette party. However, it is a perfect color for events where the idea is to highlight joy, positivity, and freshness.