BULB E27 Connected LED E27 bulb

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The E27 connected bulb is equipped with Bluetooth MESH technology. Insert it in any lamp in your home and enjoy Smart and Green’s smart lighting. Place it in your living room, use it in a desk lamp or even outdoors, whatever you choose, the E27 BULB will perfectly fit your needs. Fancy a powerful, impressive light? Well, with the 1,000 lumens in this bulb, that’s child’s play! Maybe you prefer a softer, more subdued atmosphere for your evenings? Then go for the candle effect.

Thanks to Bluetooth MESH, integrated directly in this smart bulb, you can control your lamp however you wish. Change its colors and schedule when your E27 connected lamp should switch on and off. With just a few clicks of course!

Like all the products of the Smart and Green range, these features are all in play thanks to the SmartMesh app. Download this app for iOS and Android directly to your smartphone or tablet and start enjoying the one-of-a-kind lighting this BULB proposes.

A few technical specifications:

     Range: 20 m in open space / 15 m indoors

     Power: 10.5 W ± 10% 

To find out more and learn all about the great options included in this E27 connected bulb, check out our online user guide or watch the presentation video below:

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Lifetime per LED40 000 hours
Maximum brightness1000 lumens
Battery life6 to 8 hours
Pre-recorded dynamic modes12
InputAC 100-240V 50-60Hz
Warranty1 year
Bluetooth Mesh4.0
Coverage20 meters
MaterialsPC & Aluminium

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