Adhesive LED strip light STRIP LED MESH

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Our STRIPLED light strip invites you to liven up every nook and cranny of your home, enhancing it with color and brightness. Take on a modern-style decorative object and wow your guests with this LED light strip which you can set or hang anywhere you choose. Be it behind a TV cabinet, on a bar counter or even under the bed, it will be just perfect for turning your evenings into delightful, convivial moments. It’s also highly useful and can be stretched out to create a luminous pathway marking out an alleyway or a corridor in your home. There’s no limit to what you can do!

Our adhesive STRIPLED light strip is equipped with our Bluetooth MESH technology. With it, you can control brightness and colors as you wish via your smartphone or tablet. Have you got other Smart and Green lamps? Well then, play with all your light objects at the same time. Lighting becomes much easier to control and for you to enjoy.

Add a touch of style to your home with this state-of-the-art product and pair up to 100 products!

Range: 45 m in open space / 20 m indoors 

Temperature between -5°C and 55°C 


Lifetime per LED40 000 hours
Pre-recorded dynamic modes12
Warranty1 year
Provided1 power box
1 control box
Bluetooth Mesh4.0
Coverage20m (interior)
45 m (open area)

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