Small cordless bulb multi-charger TRAY BULBLITE

401,00 €

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TRAY BULBLITE is a charging panel for simultaneously recharging 9 BULBLITEs on one power socket. If you’ve got several small Smart and Green lamps and would like to recharge them at the same time, then this product is perfect for you. Plug in the panel, place your rechargeable lights on the charging stations and wait a few hours for them to charge up, then enjoy using your wireless lamps once again.


Once your lamps are recharged, pair them using our SmartMesh app available for iOS and Android, then modify their colors and brightness as much as you wish. When you’ve got several rechargeable lamps, you can also create light groups. This means that all your lights will be divided into several groups, you can then modify the lights per group simultaneously and the groups separately from one another.


For more details on using these features as well as for pairing and un-pairing instructions, check out our online user guide available by clicking the link below

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