Luminous bar table UP H 114

840,00 €

dont 0,25€ d’éco-participation

The UP luminous party table is the must-have accessory for all your evening celebrations and events. With its simple, sleek design, this one-of-a-kind wireless party table diffuses delightful subdued lighting. Use it as a table to gather around with friends or as a display piece. Wow your guests and make your event unforgettable! To ensure it tailors perfectly to your needs, Smart and Green proposes this LED party table in two different versions: the UP and the UP 2. The latter, equipped with two BULBs, will offer you brighter light for a more convivial atmosphere. 

Thanks to its exclusive Bluetooth technology, known as Bluetooth MESH, you’ll be able to control a wide array of products simultaneously via your smartphone or tablet. But first, download the related app for iOS and Android, then pair your light systems integrated in the luminous party table. Now, just take control and have fun with the never-ending options the app invites you to explore. 

If you’re new to Smart and Green’s world, then check out our online user guide for lots of tips and tricks on using your products. And, why not head over to our YouTube channel and social media to learn more via our video tutorials. 


Dimensions62 x 114 cm
SizeLarger than 50 cm
LED20 white LEDs and 15 coloured LEDs
Lifetime per LED40 000 hours
Maximum brightness120 Lumens
Battery life6 to 8 hours
Recharging time6 hours
Pre-recorded dynamic modes13
Power supplyLi-Ion battery
Battery3,7V 2200 mAh
Power consumption1,2 Watt
Input110-220VAC 50–60Hz
StandardsCE - IC - FCC - RoHS - IP 68
Warranty1 year
ProvidedCharging station

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