Pack 3 TUB Pack of three CUB table lamps

139,00 €

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Our standalone CUB lamps are perfect for your events and social receptions. Use them as a table centerpiece and impress your guests by taking control of all your lamps simultaneously. Change colors to match your décor, adjust light brightness to create a bright atmosphere or choose a more welcoming, cocooning-style ambiance. There’s no limit to what you can do! 


This CUB pack can also be used to brighten your living room or bedroom. Whether you choose to use it as a desk lamp or bedside lamp, these CUBs will offer you the atmosphere you desire. All the products in this pack include our Bluetooth MESH technology. And, it’s all down to it if you can take full control of your products. First of all, install our SmartMesh app on your smartphone or tablet (it’s available for iOS and Android), turn on your Bluetooth then a few clicks is all it takes to customize your lamps as you wish.  


In short, this CUB pack invites you to dive into Smart and Green’s unique world and, at the same time, take advantage of a highly attractive price. To learn about how to pair your lamps or to just discover all the features our products boast, check out our online user guide or our video tutorials on YouTube

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