TUB and KEY pack Pack of three TUB table lamps and one remote control

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Discover the TUB and KEY pack, which combines our SMART AND GREEN lamps and our new control accessories. Our TUB lamps are the perfect choice for livening up events like weddings and social receptions. Use them as decorative table centerpieces and let their charm work. They’ll diffuse a welcoming light which is sure to delight all your guests. 


As for the KEY remote control, you can even-more easily control and customize your lamps without having to use your smartphone or tablet every time. Use this control accessory to change colors and modify light brightness. What better way than this for creating a world that suits you best! 


All these options wouldn’t exist without our technology integrated in all our products. It’s thanks to this technology, which we call Bluetooth MESH, that all these features enable you to customize your lamps at wish. Install the SmartMesh app on your smartphone or tablet, then it just takes a few clicks to start having fun! View our video below to discover and to get to know more about Smart and Green’s unique world…

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