CUB and KEY pack Pack of three CUB table lamps and one remote control

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With this CUB and KEY pack, dive into our world and control the brightness and colors of your lamps to suit your mood. The Bluetooth remote control, one of SMART AND GREEN’s new accessories, makes it easier to control your lamps. 


Thanks to the SmartMesh app, these standalone CUB lamps offer you an infinite variety of colors ensuring you can match your lamp to your interior design or to your event. Their small size makes them the perfect table lamps for receptions. Play with light groups, colors and brightness to dazzle and delight your guests! Have amazing fun with all the different options Smart and Green’s one-of-a-kind world invites you to discover.


Thanks to the KEY MESH remote control, you can customize your lamps more easily without having to reach for your smartphone or tablet every time. Change the shades of color or modify light brightness as much as you wish and as often as you wish. You are fully in charge of your atmosphere, ambiances and spaces. 


All the products in this pack include our Bluetooth MESH technology. To get to know it better, check out our online user guide or watch or video tutorial below:

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