Bluetooth remote control KEY MESH

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Our KEY MESH remote control, equipped with Bluetooth MESH, makes it easier to control your lamps. If you’re not comfortable with new technology, or if it’s easier for you to use a remote control for your LED bulbs, then this accessory could be very useful to you. One of the great features of this object is that it integrates MESH technology but makes it simpler. Connect your remote control to your smartphone, then pair it with the lights you wish and delight in the pure comfort of controlling your lamps without having to leave your sofa. With this LED bulb remote control you can change colors remotely and adjust light brightness. Customizing lights has never been this easy! 


And, while we’re on the subject, you’ll find Bluetooth MESH technology in all Smart and Green products. It’s all down to this technology that controlling lights and accessories has become reality. You can control hundreds of products with it. But first, you need to download our SmartMesh app to your smartphone or tablet, then a few clicks are all it takes to start discovering the host of options inside. The app is available for iOS and Android. 


When you start off using this one-of-a-kind technology, it may be useful to check out our online user guide or our video tutorials on our YouTube channel. Have fun watching!

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BatteryLithium Battery CR2450
StandardsCE - FCC
Warranty1 year
Bluetooth Mesh4.0
CoverageUp to 30 meters

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