Nomad lamps H 39 and H 27

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The nomad lamp VESSEL2 is a classic from SMART AND GREEN. This new version of the VESSEL is more elegant, with its curvy lines. Connected to your phone wirelessly, this light includes a retractable wood handle to take it wherever you want.

This new version of the Vessel lantern, the VESSEL2 S is a great addition to any décor with its rounded curves and small size. With its flexible wooden handle and its wireless technology, this outdoor lamp will follow you everywhere.

Use its Bluetooth technology to change the ambiance via your smartphone following your desires!


Dimensions29 x 39 cm (VESSEL2)
27 x 21 cm (VESSEL2 S)
SizeBetween 30 and 50 cm
Smaller than 30 cm

LED20 white LEDs and 15 coloured LEDs (VESSEL2)

1 white LED and 4 coloured LEDs (VESSEL2 S)
Lifetime per LED40 000 hours
Maximum brightness120 Lumens (VESSEL2)

90 Lumens (VESSEL2 S)
Battery life6 to 8 hours
Recharging time6 hours
Pre-recorded dynamic modes13 (VESSEL2)

12 (VESSEL2 S)
Power supplyLi-Ion battery
Battery3,7V 2200 mAh (VESSEL2)

3,7V 850 mAh (VESSEL2 S)
Power consumption1,2 Watt (VESSEL2)

0,5 Watt (VESSEL2 S)
Input110-220VAC 50–60Hz (VESSEL2)

110-240VAC 50–60Hz (VESSEL2 S)
Output5VDC (VESSEL2)

StandardsCE - IC - FCC - RoHS - IP 68
Warranty1 year
ProvidedCharging station

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