Nomad lamp VESSEL2 H 39 and H 27

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VESSEL 2 is one of the wireless nomad lamps from Smart and Green’s world. Its curvaceous, elegant lines make this light a must-have decorative object for your home. This wireless, smartphone- or tablet-connected lamp boasts a retractable wooden handle so you can take it wherever you want. Like this, the welcoming light it emits will follow you around your home, both inside and out. Your friends and family are curious? Well, why not take your VESSEL 2 with you and let them discover our wireless Bluetooth MESH technology too!


This product is available in two different sizes so that your lighting forever suits your desires. The smaller size will fit perfectly into reduced spaces whilst the larger one will reign supreme as a centerpiece in your décor.


To match your wireless nomad lamp with your room’s atmosphere, you can control its colors and luminosity with our SmartMesh app designed specifically to offer bespoke style. What’s more, the mix between wood and colors makes this light an up-to-the-minute, one-of-a-kind object.  


Dimensions29 x 39 cm (VESSEL2)
27 x 21 cm (VESSEL2 S)
SizeBetween 30 and 50 cm
Smaller than 30 cm

LED20 white LEDs and 15 coloured LEDs (VESSEL2)

1 white LED and 4 coloured LEDs (VESSEL2 S)
Lifetime per LED40 000 hours
Maximum brightness120 Lumens (VESSEL2)

90 Lumens (VESSEL2 S)
Battery life6 to 8 hours
Recharging time6 hours
Pre-recorded dynamic modes13 (VESSEL2)

12 (VESSEL2 S)
Power supplyLi-Ion battery
Battery3,7V 2200 mAh (VESSEL2)

3,7V 850 mAh (VESSEL2 S)
Power consumption1,2 Watt (VESSEL2)

0,5 Watt (VESSEL2 S)
Input110-220VAC 50–60Hz (VESSEL2)

110-240VAC 50–60Hz (VESSEL2 S)
Output5VDC (VESSEL2)

StandardsCE - IC - FCC - RoHS - IP 68
Warranty1 year
ProvidedCharging station

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