Table lamps H 19 and H 28

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The SPOT 190 table lamp is inspired by traditional spot lighting. Its sleek design and its small size make it the perfect table lamp for bringing subdued lighting to your summer evening parties. Thanks to its low-consumption Bluetooth technology, you can control your lamps via your smartphone or tablet.

As a table lamp for lighting your meals or placed on the ground to decorate your garden, the SPOT 280 table lamp is perfectly suited for all your spaces. In one move, take control over your lamps and change the ambiance, as per your desires, thanks to its built-in low-consumption Bluetooth technology.


Dimensions15 cm (190)
20 cm (280)
SizeSmaller than 30 cm

LED1 white LED and 4 coloured LEDs (190)

20 white LEDs and 15 coloured LEDs (280)
Lifetime per LED40 000 hours
Maximum brightness90 Lumens (190)

120 Lumens (280)
Battery life6 to 8 hours
Recharging time6 hours
Pre-recorded dynamic modes12 (190)

13 (280)
Power supplyLi-Ion battery
Battery3,7V 850 mAh (190)

3,7V 2200 mAh (280)
Power consumption0,5 Watt (190)

1,2 Watt (280)
Input110-240VAC 50–60Hz (190)

110-220VAC 50–60Hz (280)
Output4,2VDC (190)

5VDC (280)
StandardsCE - IC - FCC - RoHS - IP 68
Warranty1 year
ProvidedCharging station

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